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Advice from HERS hair experts: How to Care Your Curly Wigs,Curly Weave


Let’s talk about curly hair.

Due to the many twists and turns of curly textured hair, curly weaves are naturally drier than straight hair, so they require extra tender love and care. We highly recommend washing and deep conditioning your curly weave at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and fabulous. However, if you are currently in a mangled mess, no worries. It’s fixable!

Check out the hair we brought back to life below. Isn’t that incredible? Read on to learn how to wash and clean your curly weave the correct way.

What you will need:

Soft Paddle Brush

Clean Towel


Deep Conditioner

Spray Bottle

How to bring your curly weave back to life, how to clean curly weave, how to wash curly weave

Step 1

Before washing your curly weave, use a soft paddle brush and gently brush the hair from tips to roots to detangle any knots.

*Don’t worry! Brushing curly hair before washing won’t ruin the curl pattern. But for daily wear, you should only finger comb the hair.

Step 2

Spray the hair with a mixture of conditioner and water, and gently finger comb the mixture through the hair.

Step 3

Dilute shampoo in a basin of water, and let the hair soak in it for 5~10 minutes. Then, gently rinse the hair thoroughly.

Step 4

Next, dilute deep conditioner in a basin of water, and let the hair soak for 30 minutes~1 hour. Curly textured hair is drier than other textured hair. So it is very important to conditioning the hair thoroughly.

* You can also apply deep conditioner onto the hair directly and wrap it in a shower cap for 30 minutes~1 hour.

Step 5

After rinsing the hair, pat dry with a clean towel and scrunch the curls back into place from the bottom up. Then, apply a small amount of light essence or natural oil while the hair is damp. Lay the hair flat on a clean dry towel and let it air dry completely